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Gratts & Ange Nawasadio - Jour De Fete | Be Strong Be Free (BSBF1202)

Gratts & Ange Nawasadio - Jour De Fete | Be Strong Be Free (BSBF1202)

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Label: Be Strong Be Free (BSBF1202)

Formats: 1x Vinyl 12"

Style: Balearic Downtempo

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)


Experience a sweltering slab of festive inner-city disco at its finest with "Jour De Fête" (French for "day of celebration"). This electrifying release, Brussels style, is a collaboration between the talented Gratts and veteran musician and vocalist Ange Nawasadio.

"Jour De Fête" is a jubilant sonic journey that captures the essence of celebration and dance. With infectious rhythms, groovy basslines, and Ange Nawasadio's soulful vocals, it's a track that will transport you straight to the heart of the party.

But the celebration doesn't end there. Flip the record over to discover an extended dub mix by none other than cult hero Conrad McDonnell, known for his work with the Idjut Boys. His dub treatment takes the track to new heights, delivering an immersive and hypnotic sonic experience that will keep you moving on the dancefloor.


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