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Minor Science - Absent Friends Vol.3 I Balmat (BALMAT07)

Minor Science - Absent Friends Vol.3 I Balmat (BALMAT07)

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Label: Balmat (BALMAT07)

Formats: 1X Vinyl

Style: Electronica

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)


Minor Science, also known as Angus Finlayson, introduces 'Absent Friends Vol. III' on Balmat, the latest installment in his ever-evolving series that transcends the boundaries of traditional ambient music. In this album, he offers a dynamic blend of textures, sensations, and rhythms that redefine ambient as a living, breathing entity. Unlike conventional studio compositions, most of these tracks originated as stems and source material for his live performances, resulting in an organic, ever-shifting sonic journey. Explore this album's unique coherence, where melodies take a backseat, and immersive soundscapes take centre stage, guiding you through its intricate sonic landscapes.


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