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Shigeto - Full Circle | Ghostly International (GI-129)

Shigeto - Full Circle | Ghostly International (GI-129)

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Label: Ghostly International Moodgadget (GI-129/MGT-074)

Formats: Vinyl LP Album Reissue

Style: Downtempo IDM Dubstep Experimental Electro

Media Condition: Near Mint (NM) I Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM)


Shigeto's debut full-length album, "Full Circle," is a cohesive and emotional journey, fully materialising his lush, sumptuous take on instrumental hip-hop. It follows the artist's exploration of themes such as family, continuity, and musical boundary-pushing through four years of obsessive field recording and collaboration. As Shigeto brought his Tascam mini-recorder with him everywhere, the album incorporates an eclectic range of sounds, from everyday life moments to musical contributions from friends. These sounds become chapters in an ongoing story, and the album's consistently deep pocket, meticulously crafted through hand-played rhythms, adds a living, breathing quality to the music.

This limited edition release is highly recommended for those who appreciate music that delves deep into the emotional and artistic realms.


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