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A.s.o - A.s.o

A.s.o - A.s.o

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Label: Low Lying Records (llrlp001)

Formats: Lp Vinyl

Style: Dream Pop, Trip Hop, Leftfield, Indie Pop

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)

Introducing the debut self-titled album 'a.s.o.' by Alia Seror-O'Neill (a.s.o.), a singer-songwriter, and Lewie Day, a producer. This album is a thematic consolidation of their previous three singles, showcasing impressive artistic growth. Day and Seror-O'Neill have mastered the radio-friendly pop song format and ingeniously subverted it. With eleven tracks, they've crafted a rich and captivating body of work.

Emotionally complex and designed for club enthusiasts, 'a.s.o.' features trip-hop torch songs. However, the palette extends to include ethereal dream pop reminiscent of Cocteau Twins, slow-burning AOR-soul, and dub-inspired styles. 'a.s.o.' maintains cohesiveness while embracing diversity, with influences echoing Julee Cruise, Fleetwood Mac, and the haunting ambiance of Portishead. It's an album that effortlessly incorporates its influences while confidently asserting its unique identity.

Anchoring the album is Alia's distinctive voice, conveying themes of restraint and liberation, guiding us through elegiac and euphoric moments. This impeccably crafted pop music exudes a sense of nonchalance. Day's music provides the ideal complement—deep, slightly ominous, restrained, and commanding. The album possesses a cinematic texture, akin to David Lynch's work, where the seemingly ordinary transforms into something uncanny and enigmatic upon closer examination. 'a.s.o.' takes us on an emotional journey, leaving us transformed and adrift in space by its conclusion.

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