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Captain Hands - Dispel Disco / Night On I Moxie (MX 018)

Captain Hands - Dispel Disco / Night On I Moxie (MX 018)

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Label: Moxie (MX 018)

Formats: 1x Vinyl 12" 45 RPM

Style: House Disco

Media Condition: Near Mint (NM) I Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM)

Prepare to embark on a sonic voyage with Captain Hands as we delve into the enigmatic world of "Dispel Disco" and "Night On." One of Los Angeles' most eccentric electronic producers, Captain Hands, unveils this captivating 2-track vinyl release on the ever-mysterious Moxie label.

"Dispel Disco" is a rhythmic odyssey that defies categorization. Captain Hands' sonic wizardry takes you on a mesmerizing journey through intricate beats and ethereal synths. It's a track that invites you to explore the boundaries of electronic music, where disco meets the avant-garde, resulting in a mesmerizing sonic experience.

On the flip side, "Night On" continues the sonic adventure. It's a sonic landscape where the night comes alive, filled with intricate soundscapes and beats that transport you to a place where the music takes centre stage. "Night On" is a testament to Captain Hands' ability to craft electronic music that's both innovative and immersive.

This vinyl release on Moxie (MX 018) is a testament to Captain Hands' unique creative vision. It's a must-have for those who crave electronic music that pushes boundaries and defies expectations. Immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of "Dispel Disco" and "Night On" and experience the musical magic of Captain Hands.

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