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D&B Productions - Symbiosis | Sushitech Records (SUSH60)

D&B Productions - Symbiosis | Sushitech Records (SUSH60)

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Label: Sushitech Records (SUSH60)

Formats: 2x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM EP

Style: Deep House Dub Techno

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)

"D&B Productions - Symbiosis" marks the return of Detroit's Delano Smith to Sushitech Records, following the successful remodeling of two of his earlier tunes by Carl Craig and Mike Huckaby. This time, Delano Smith collaborates with Brawther under the moniker D&B Productions, offering a double pack of tunes that captivate the essence of their shared musical vision.
While the name might suggest a shift to drum & bass, D&B Productions primarily represents the union of Delano Smith and Brawther, rather than a genre conversion. However, there's a noticeable affinity for dubby effects and deep bass power in their work, creating a sonic landscape that draws on a diverse range of influences.
The six tracks that comprise "Symbiosis" (1-6) are marked by their smooth and straightforward composition. Yet, beneath the simplicity lies a keen sense of rhythm, driven by rhythmic keyboard stabs and a talent for extracting soulful nuances from the most minimalist ingredients.
The result is a collection of tracks that exude an irresistible groove and showcase the artists' ability to craft something soulful and captivating. With each track, D&B Productions invites you to immerse yourself in their sonic universe, where the focus is on the essence of the groove and the power of musical minimalism.
"Symbiosis" stands as a testament to the skill and vision of Delano Smith and Brawther, offering a musical journey that captures the essence of deep, dub-infused electronic music. It's a work that demonstrates their ability to create something exceptional with the most economical of elements.
In a world of complex compositions, "Symbiosis" celebrates the beauty of simplicity and groove. The result is a release that showcases the timeless appeal of well-crafted electronic music.
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