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Dastardly Kids - Delinquent | FXHE RECORDS (FXHEDK)

Dastardly Kids - Delinquent | FXHE RECORDS (FXHEDK)

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Formats: 2x Vinyl 7"

Style: Hip Hop

Media Condition: Near Mint (NM) I Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM)

"Dastardly Kids - Delinquent" is a dual 7" vinyl release that has earned the approval of Detroit Hiphop maestro Omar-S. This album invites you to dive into the late-night Motor City rap style, a genre that seamlessly blends elements from hi-tech to hip hop.

The Dastardly Kids deliver a sonic experience that captures the essence of Detroit's musical legacy, fusing modern electronic elements with the raw and rhythmic energy of hip hop. The result is a sound that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking, paying homage to the city's rich musical heritage while pushing the boundaries of contemporary rap.

This release comes complete with a special 7" booklet, housed in a plastic sleeve. It's a collector's item that not only offers a musical journey but also provides a visual and tactile experience that complements the music.

"Dastardly Kids - Delinquent" is an invitation to explore the streets of Motor City through the lens of music, where the beats and rhymes tell stories of the city's past, present, and future. It's a sonic adventure that celebrates the diverse and ever-evolving soundscape of Detroit.

For fans of hip hop, electronic music, and anyone seeking a unique and immersive musical experience, this dual 7" vinyl release is a must-have addition to your collection.

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