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DJ Notoya - Tokyo Glow | Wewantsounds (WWSLP55)

DJ Notoya - Tokyo Glow | Wewantsounds (WWSLP55)

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Label: Wewantsounds (WWSLP55)

Formats: 2x Vinyl LP Compilation Remastered

Style: Synth-pop AOR City Pop Disco Funk Boogie

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM)


"DJ Notoya - Tokyo Glow" is a stylish two-LP vinyl selection curated from the catalog of the Japanese label Nippon Columbia. Compiled by DJ Notoya, this compilation features a captivating array of city pop, funk, and modern soul tracks, both cult classics and rarities, from the late 70s and 80s. The album showcases the remarkable diversity and specificity of Japanese City Pop during this creative era.

The journey through "Tokyo Glow" begins with Kumi Nakamura's relaxed mid-tempo track, "Kimugare," a gem by the renowned actress who recorded only one album in 1980 for Columbia. The compilation then effortlessly transitions into the sun-soaked grooves of artists like Miyuki Maki, Hatsumi Shibata, and the cult keyboard player Hiroshi Sato.

As the compilation unfolds, the pace quickens, and funkier rhythms take center stage with tracks like "Juggler" by Kengo Kurozumi and "Tuxedo Connection" by one of the queens of the genre, Hitomi 'Penny' Tohyama.

Notably, "Tokyo Glow" includes the mid-tempo groove of "I Wander All Alone Part III" by New Generation Company, a group of top Japanese session musicians who have played with luminaries like Tatsuro Yamashita.

Curated by DJ Notoya and annotated by journalist Nick Luscombe, this compilation offers a unique insight into the vibrant Japanese music scene of that era. The tracks on "Tokyo Glow" have been remastered in Tokyo, ensuring that the audio quality matches the excellence of the music itself.

With artwork by Optigram, "Tokyo Glow" on Wewantsounds (WWSLP55) is a testament to the enduring appeal and creativity of Japanese City Pop, making it a must-have addition to any vinyl collection.



A1 Kumi Nakamura– 気まぐれ (Kimagure)
A2 Miyuki Maki– インドの道ばた (Indo No Michibata)
A3 Haruyoshi Yamashina– お酒とジョーク (Osake To Joke)
A4 Sumiko Yamagata– 夏の光に (Natsu No Hikari Ni)
A5 Hatsumi Shibata– Party Is Over
B1 Makoto Iwabuchi– Moonlight Flight
B2 Hiroshi Sato– 最後の手品 (Saigo No Tejina)
B3 Arakawa Band– Paradise's Dream
B4 New Generation Company– I Wander All Alone (Part III)
C1 Kiyohiko Ozaki– お嬢さんお手やわらかに (Ojosan Oteyawarakani)
C2 Kengo Kurozumi– Juggler
C3 Ken Nishizaki– 恋のパラダイム (Koi No Paradigm)
C4 Jadoes– Simply Another Love
D1 Midori Hara (2)– アマロ・ジャバロ (Aamar Jabar)
D2 Hitomi 'Penny' Tohyama*– Tuxedo Connection
D3 Mizuki Koyama– Oh! Daddy
D4 Haruo Chikada & Vibra-Tones– Sofa Bed Blues
D5 Mitsuko Horie– Chigasaki Memory


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