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DJ Surgeles - Triglav | Tech-um (TECH-UM313003)

DJ Surgeles - Triglav | Tech-um (TECH-UM313003)

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Label: Tech-um (TECH-UM313003)

Formats: 2x Vinyl 12" Album

Style: Techno

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)


Embark on an interstellar journey with DJ Surgeles as he takes you into the uncharted world of "Triglav." The exploration craft Isis001, a vessel sent by humanity, has crash-landed on this enigmatic planet, marking one of the most significant discoveries in galactic history. However, the crew faces a daunting challenge as they find themselves in a relentless struggle against both an armed group of outsiders and the hostile environment of Triglav itself. Their mission: to protect a profound secret that could reshape the course of humanity—the mystery of the Triglavs, the legendary species that first embraced wisdom among the stars.

As time unfolds, the astronauts begin to unravel the secrets of Triglav, delving deeper into the planet's enigmatic nature. But the question remains: will they succeed in returning to Earth and sharing the astonishing truth about Triglav?

In the mythology of Triglav, it is believed that the deity has three heads, representing the realms of Sky, Earth, and the Underworld. These heads are shrouded in golden bindings, rendering Triglav incapable of witnessing humanity's sins or speaking of them.

This captivating vinyl release features all tracks written and produced by DJ Surgeles, with mastering by Javier at KTC Mastering and artwork by Zeger Scholtus. DJ Surgeles' longstanding collaboration with Detroit legend Jeff Mills has paved the way for this innovative concept album, "The Escape Velocity." Through years of conversations and meetings, DJ Surgeles has learned from Jeff Mills, ultimately giving birth to this extraordinary project. The album also acknowledges DJ Surgeles' exclusive collaborations with Jeff Mills on "Something in The Sky" and "STRMRKD," along with his contribution to the Axis Records 10 years anniversary mix of "The Bells" in 2007.

This vinyl release is a testament to the power of music, exploration, and collaboration, making "Triglav" a remarkable addition to the world of electronic music.


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