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Escape From New York - Save Our Love | Isle Of Jura (ISLE021)

Escape From New York - Save Our Love | Isle Of Jura (ISLE021)

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Label: Isle Of Jura (ISLE021)

Formats: 1x Vinyl 12" Reissue

Style: Disco Synth-pop

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)

Get ready for the Collector's Edition 180g Vinyl of Escape From New York's iconic single 'Save Our Love,' now officially reissued by Isle Of Jura. Originally released in 1983, this record predates 'Fire in My Heart' and showcases the band's remarkable fusion of New Wave, Disco, Italo, and Post Punk. With backing vocals by Jaki Graham and D.C. Lee, the 12" includes not only the original track but also an instrumental mix and the cult classic 'Slow Beat' (Dance Mix). Escape From New York's journey was short-lived, disbanding in 1984 after the release of 'Fire in My Heart,' partly due to commercial pressures on their innovative pop music. Fast forward to 2023, and history has been kind, recognising these singles as pioneering classics.

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