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GGGG - Gazé | FireScope (FS031)

GGGG - Gazé | FireScope (FS031)

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Label: FireScope (FS031)

Formats: 2x Vinyl LP Album

Style: Ambient IDM Experimental Electro

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)


FireScope, known for their relentless pursuit of new music, has unearthed a hidden gem in GGGG, an artist making a remarkable debut with "Gazé." Co-founder of D.Ko Records, GGGG brings a wealth of experience and undeniable talent to the table, proving that he's a rising star in the electronic music scene.

"Gazé" is a mesmerising album that effortlessly weaves together a tapestry of styles and influences, creating a sound that is uniquely GGGG's own. From ambient to braindance, electronica to techno, each genre melts and fuses into something entirely fresh and captivating. Processed percussion forms the shifting sands upon which soaring melodies take flight, like the breathtaking ascent of "K-Robot OG." "Cas Contact" unleashes frenzied elation with crystalline chords and fizzing drums, while a sense of rapturous joy pervades the entire collection.

Tracks like "Chien Flu^te 5.1" and "Mudla 2" showcase the complexity and grandeur of GGGG's sound, using a radiant audio palette that radiates with vibrancy. Playful tones emerge in "Broutine Lame´" and "Cat Intro," infusing the music with a "joi de vivre" that's impossible to resist. GGGG also explores textures, reshaping rhythms and introducing gentle waves of sound in tracks like "Slowdry" and "Trip 2 Delinc." The album culminates in the atmospheric embrace of "Sac Ala Blofel."

"Gazé" is a musical journey that celebrates the extraordinary within the everyday, capturing the remarkable moments hidden in the routine of life, from dawn to dusk.


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