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Gratts - Music For The Moon Room Gecko I Flexi Cuts (FLEX013)

Gratts - Music For The Moon Room Gecko I Flexi Cuts (FLEX013)

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Label: Flexi Cuts (FLEX013)

Formats: 1x Vinyl 12" EP

Style: House Nu-Disco Deep House Jazzdance

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)


Belgian DJ and producer Gratts is back with the captivating "Music for the Moon Room Gecko EP," a mesmerising showcase of his talent in crafting emotive house cuts. This EP is a sonic journey that delves into the realms of nostalgia and euphoria, each track a unique exploration of emotion and groove.

The EP kicks off with "Euphoria," a track that was conceived during coastal car rides with the windows down, providing the perfect backdrop for local legend Brian Ruiz's musings. "Méditation Nocturne" takes you on a nocturnal meander through the ill-lit Adelaide hills, evoking misty feelings of reflection and contemplation.

On the flipside, DIY Discs' staple PJ Principle (formerly known as Peej) from Nottingham steers "Euphoria" straight into disco heaven with a delectable Linn Drum groove, piano, and guitar elements, creating a groove that wouldn't feel out of place on a Steely Dan record.

To complete the EP, New York's Jenifa Mayanja delivers a lush and dreamy remix of "Méditation Nocturne," promising to captivate dancefloors worldwide with its ethereal and captivating sound.

This vinyl release is a limited edition, so don't miss your chance to own a piece of Gratts' emotive house magic.


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