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HAN - Reflections Of The Outer Object | Mysticisms (MYS017)

HAN - Reflections Of The Outer Object | Mysticisms (MYS017)

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Label: Mysticisms (MYS017)

Formats: 1x Vinyl 12" EP

Style: Ambient Breakbeat Deep House House

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)

Mysticisms embarks on a global quest for exceptional music and strikes gold yet again with "Reflections Of The Outer Object," an EP comprising four previously unreleased tracks that seamlessly blend the worlds of house and IDM. This mesmerising release is brought to you by Romania's HAN, also known as Dan Handrabur, and it offers a glimpse into his early studio recordings from 1991-95.

Dan Handrabur's musical journey began with a deep dive into the culture of record stores, eventually leading him to build his own studio. His passion for production grew, and he made the life-changing decision to leave his studies behind in pursuit of music. Relocating to Vancouver, Canada, he made his debut release as X Drone alongside Adham Shaikh in 1993, establishing himself as an integral part of the electronic music scene.

The four tracks featured on this EP are timeless gems that have not aged a day. They boast nimble beats, action-packed arrangements, and dreamy atmospheres that transport you to a different realm. "Give In & Resist" channels the spirit of Rising High-era Mixmaster Morris while embracing the playfulness of Air Liquide. "Phantasme" revels in cross-rhythmic complexity reminiscent of The Black Dog's classic works.

"Reflections Of The Outer Object" is a sonic journey through the past that feels just as fresh and relevant today as it did when these tracks were first recorded. It's a testament to HAN's enduring talent and the timelessness of electronic music.
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