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Ingredient - S/T | Telephone Explosion Records (TER106)

Ingredient - S/T | Telephone Explosion Records (TER106)

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Label: Telephone Explosion Records (TER106)

Formats: 1x Vinyl LP

Style: Rock Pop

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)


"Ingredient" is the remarkable collaborative creation of Toronto poets, composers, producers, and close friends Ian Daniel Kehoe and Luka Kuplowsky. This self-titled release is an enigmatic electronic avant-pop masterpiece that draws inspiration from the natural world, both in its micro and macro perspectives.

The album's lyrics transcend traditional songwriting, taking on a poetic quality that explores themes of nature, existence, and self-discovery. Musically, "Ingredient" delves into a unique fusion of house music, philosophically-minded lyricism, and contemporary R&B. It channels the spirit of electronic and art-pop luminaries like Yukihiro Takahashi, The Blue Nile, and Arthur Russell while offering a contemporary resonance reminiscent of Nite Jewel, Westerman, and Blood Orange.

This album is a distinct world of dance, introspection, mystery, and softness. With eight years of friendship as a foundation, Ian Daniel Kehoe and Luka Kuplowsky have created a sonic journey that is both bold and ethereal.

The duality between Kehoe and Kuplowsky, between the "Aflight" and the "Unmoored," paints a portrait of a friendship where exchanges flow effortlessly, resulting in an outpouring of soulful songs. Creation and therapy become intertwined as the music takes shape, reflecting the emotional states of both artists during the album's conception.

In "Ingredient," you'll find a captivating contrast of buoyant, trumpeting keyboards, angelic synthesised voices, rolling basslines, and moments of whirring buzzsaw textures and murky ambience. Lyrically, the album moves between openness and existential contemplation, offering a profound exploration of the human experience.

This self-titled record is a product of six months of dedicated work in a home studio, where Kehoe and Kuplowsky collaborated daily. It features guest contributions from Thom Gill and Karen Ng, adding further layers of sonic richness.

In the Daoist tradition, the album explores the concept of change and interconnectedness, offering a deep philosophical perspective that encourages a reorientation of perception toward the natural world. "Ingredient" is a transformative experience that melds poetry, sound, and texture into a mesmerising sonic journey.



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