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Johan Kaseta - The Erefora Land | Lehult (LHLT008)

Johan Kaseta - The Erefora Land | Lehult (LHLT008)

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Label: Lehult (LHLT008)

Formats: 1x Vinyl 12"

Style: Deep House

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)


"The Erefora Land" marks Johan Kaseta's debut solo record as a founding member of Lehult. This release takes listeners on a nostalgic journey, evoking the hazy atmosphere of a Super Nintendo RPG soundtrack and the charm of '90s game soundtracks. Squelching vocal samples and bubbling synths capture the essence of classic video game music, creating an immersive and playful version of house music.

Imagine stumbling upon the forgotten soundtrack of a beloved game like Earthbound, and suddenly, memories of the past flood back to you. "The Erefora Land" does just that, pulling you into a world of shuffling hi-hats, missed drops, and groovy rhythms. Johan Kaseta skillfully blends nostalgia with his unique musical context, crafting tracks that work both on the dancefloor and in your headphones.

As you venture into the shores of Erefora Land, "Lei Tindissima" welcomes you with its seductive and blistering energy. It teeters on the edge of falling apart while maintaining an irresistible groove. "Erefora Steps" combines ambient and airy elements with an undeniably danceable beat, offering a unique and captivating club experience. With its broken, Latin-inspired bounce, the track weaves between heavenly pads, playful vocals, and echoed airhorns.

"U Timmi," the third cut, provides a laid-back Sunday afternoon jam. Its smooth, grooving vibe is layered with samples and micro melodies, immersing you further into the enchanting soundscapes of Erefora Land. Finally, "Me times U" could be considered the theme tune of this imaginary world. Its blissful chords beckon, always just out of reach, hidden behind cascading waterfalls, delicate shakers, and sweeping filters.


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