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John Barera & Will Martin - Proceed To The Root I 2MR (2MR-028)

John Barera & Will Martin - Proceed To The Root I 2MR (2MR-028)

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Label: 2MR (2MR-028)

Formats: 2x Vinyl LP Album

Style: House Techno

Media Condition: Near Mint (NM) I Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM)

John Barera & Will Martin embark on a profound musical journey with their second album, "Proceed to the Root." This release represents their strongest work to date, featuring a dynamic fusion of Techno, House, Soulful electronics, Dub, and Jungle influences. The album is a meticulously crafted collection of storytelling and club-ready music, showcasing their evolving sound.

The creative process for "Proceed to the Root" began shortly after the release of their debut album, "Graceless." This album reflects a new chapter in their musical journey, marked by life transitions and geographic changes. Despite the challenges of their separate lives, each session was deliberate and aimed to capture the essence of the moment.

As John Barera and Will Martin continue to evolve their sound, "Proceed to the Root" stands as a testament to their growth and dedication to crafting exceptional electronic music.


A1 - Polaris
A2 - The Sound Vibration
B1 - Berlin By Daylight
B2 - Berlin By Candlelight
C1 - Golden Hour
C2 - Proceed To The Root
D1 - Night Train
D2 - No Games

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