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John Shima - The Empty Lands | FireScope (FS028)

John Shima - The Empty Lands | FireScope (FS028)

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Label: FireScope (FS028)

Formats: 2x Vinyl LP Album

Style: Techno Deep Techno

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)


In a world marked by uncertainty, John Shima returns with "Empty Lands," a powerful musical collection crafted to combat the turmoil and crises of our times. This album follows his seminal work, "The Lonely Machine," released by Firescope in 2019. Dauby basslines and silken strings open the journey with "Component," showcasing Shima's signature style, while "Neglected" blends throbbing kicks and orbiting notes with precision.

As a devoted student of techno, Shima explores both UK and US traditions while pushing the boundaries of the genre. The influence of "bleep" music weaves through tracks like "Depart" and "Mettle," reimagining the minimalism of the '90s with new textures. "Sayaka" offers a different current, with understated rhythms gently lapping against undulating keys, reminiscent of a dawn's rise.

Harmony and melody are the cornerstones of "Empty Lands," with each track showcasing the gentle ebb and flow of keys and drums. Shima finds inspiration in his surroundings, with "Projection" evoking the industrial spirit of Sheffield and the pioneering electronic sounds that emerged from its rust-red earth.

The track titles, including "Paralysis," "Desolate," and "Empty Lands," may suggest challenging times, but Shima's music serves as a counterbalance. These positive compositions, with subtle shifts, complementary percussion, and welcoming warmth, act as a soothing tonic for the soul amid the negativity that surrounds us.



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