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Kuniyuki Takahashi - Remix Works I Mule Musiq (Mule Musiq 272)

Kuniyuki Takahashi - Remix Works I Mule Musiq (Mule Musiq 272)

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Label: Mule Musiq (Mule Musiq 272)

Formats: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation

Style: Ambient Deep House

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)

Kuniyuki Takahashi's music mesmerizes in clubs, after-hours venues, and intimate bars. His compositions are a captivating journey, thrilling attentive listeners with subtle nuances. As a Japanese producer, sound designer, and DJ, Kuniyuki showcases melodic sensitivity and progression across various genres. 'Remix Works' on Mule Musiq is a double vinyl compilation that spans his musical spectrum, from synth-pop to Balearic dreams and soulful pop-house. The album starts with his epic ten-minute house remix of 'Plateau' by Japanese nu-jazz/post-rock band Mouse on the Keys, originally released in 2013.
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