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The Creative Technology Consortium - Panoramic Coloursound | Dark Entries (DE-300)

The Creative Technology Consortium - Panoramic Coloursound | Dark Entries (DE-300)

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Label: Dark Entries (DE-300)

Formats: 3x Vinyl LP Stereo

Style: Ambient Krautrock Synthwave Experimental Darkwave

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)

Dark Entries marks its historic 300th release with 'Panoramic Coloursound,' a monumental triple LP by The Creative Technology Consortium (CtC). Comprising the talents of Traxx, Andrew Bisenius, and Jason Letkiewicz, this album emerged from the depths of pandemic isolation and serves as a tribute to the bygone era of 80's and 90's film and television music. With a formidable arsenal of vintage analog and digital synthesizers, the trio embarked on an exploratory journey, delving into heists, vices, and catastrophe, and the result is a mesmerizing collision of sound and image that unfurls over 25 tracks.

While the CtC's foundation lies in the retro scores of the past, 'Panoramic Coloursound' transcends mere homage, warping and distorting these nostalgic notes into decaying digital soundscapes. EBM-influenced basslines emerge on tracks like "Catastrophe" and "A Retro Vice," invoking the spirit of Traxx and Letkiewicz's legendary work as Mutant Beat Dance, a project that also features Beau Wanzer. "Follow Our Kode" marries heroic synths with funky bass, evoking cosmic vibes akin to the material released by Traxx and Bisenius under the moniker An Anomaly. Krautrock-inspired guitars seamlessly slide alongside anthemic pads in "Beautifully Polluted Sunset," painting a vivid picture reminiscent of an otherworldly Miami Vice closing theme. The CtC masterfully captures the essence of corroded VHS aesthetics while crafting music for the future.

'Panoramic Coloursound' is an auditory adventure like no other, meticulously mastered by Frédéric Alstadt. The album's striking sleeve design is courtesy of Eloise Leigh, featuring a captivating photograph by Jason Letkiewicz. As an extra treat, the package includes a postcard filled with liner notes, a gear list, and an evocative photograph by Maria Tzeka.

Celebrate Dark Entries' 300th release with 'Panoramic Coloursound' by The Creative Technology Consortium - an electrifying journey into the past and the future of music.

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