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The Sun God - The Anticipatory Organization | Modern Obscure Music (MOM_014)

The Sun God - The Anticipatory Organization | Modern Obscure Music (MOM_014)

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Label: Modern Obscure Music (MOM_014)

Formats: 1x Vinyl 12" EP

Style: Abstract Future Jazz Leftfield Acid

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Very Good (VG)

Modern Obscure Music proudly presents 'The Anticipatory Organization,' a dynamic three-track EP by The Sun God. This release is a powerful fusion of rhythm and melody, skillfully crafted by a distinctive producer who knows how to move both bodies and minds. The Sun God's musical journey is driven by a belief in the healing power of music and the ability of the club scene to bring people together. With a deep respect for the history of electronic music and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of sound, The Sun God's work is spiritually rooted and technologically aware.

The Sun God, also known as Jamal Moss AKA The Hieroglyphic Being, makes his return to Modern Obscure Music with this EP. His previous contribution to the label was a remix of Pedro Vian's "Dancing Hindus" under the Hieroglyphic Being moniker, which was featured on MOM001.

Jamal Moss's musical path was heavily influenced by the vibrant club culture of Chicago. He honed his craft under the mentorship of legendary figures like Steve Poindexter and Adonis, both of whom played pivotal roles in the history of House music. The Sun God's sound is a fusion of diverse influences, including the eclectic selections of Ron Hardy at the Music Box, the cosmic jazz of Sun Ra, and the driving energies of DJs like Rush and Ron Trent at The Reactor. As a highly prolific Chicago-based producer, Jamal Moss is known for his versatility, comfortably creating Avant-Garde Jazz, Industrial, Experimental, and club-ready House and Techno tracks. He also owns Mathematics Recordings and has graced labels like Axis 6277 Sub-label, Rvng Int., Soul Jazz, and Technicolor with his music.

'The Anticipatory Organization' is a high-energy EP that showcases The Sun God's signature style. The EP features three captivating tracks that demand attention. "The Things We Don't Know" is a mesmerizing journey driven by richly layered keys, shimmering acid waves, and a rhythmic pulse that pulls you in. "The Disbelief Habit" is propelled by a compelling melody that grips the listener, accompanied by a robust bassline, focused keys, and precise percussion. Wrapping up the EP is "The Achievement Factory," a distinct musical endeavor that marches straight onto the dancefloor. It boasts relentless percussion, a deep and cavernous bassline, playful acid elements, and catchy keys. Once again, The Sun God delivers a sonic experience that's uniquely his own.

The EP's artwork, designed by Alex Trochut, adds the perfect visual complement to the music. Alex, known for creating the label's logo and recently contributing artwork for Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, enhances the overall aesthetic of 'The Anticipatory Organization.'

Experience the sonic brilliance of The Sun God with 'The Anticipatory Organization,' a modern masterpiece of electronic music brought to you by Modern Obscure Music.

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