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THOMMYY RA, Simonn - Lost Journey I Night Tide (NTTD002)

THOMMYY RA, Simonn - Lost Journey I Night Tide (NTTD002)

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Label: Night Tide (NTTD002)

Formats: 1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM EP

Style: House

Media Condition: Mint (M) I Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)

Night Tide proudly presents its sophomore release, the "Lost Journey" EP, a mesmerising 6-track exploration of analog-laden esoteric house. Featuring the talents of THOMMYY RA and Simonn, this vinyl offering is a sonic voyage that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary.

A1 - THOMMYY RA opens the journey with "Journey Into Nowhere," an enigmatic, synth-soaked opus that gracefully navigates through the eerie, coasting atmospheres, driven by pulsating percussion and rippling leads. A2 - "Die Darling Die" follows, a left-of-center house gem with a distinct '90s touch, complete with a playful, nostalgic horn and a kick that keeps you moving. A3 - THOMMYY RA continues to mesmerise with "Razzy Moon," a deep and groove-heavy track that immerses you in its enigmatic allure.

On the B side, we introduce Simonn with his debut vinyl excursion. B1 - "Unknown Habits" kicks off with vibrant chords that pulse amidst thumping drums, beckoning the dance floor with its undeniable allure. B2 - "Lost In Progress" delves into aquatic depths as amphibious pads swell, percussion layers build, and the track erupts into an euphoric breakbeat. B3 - Simonn rounds off this captivating journey with "Raw and Unbleached," an elegant arpeggio-filled adventure where melodic ideas cascade and intertwine, creating a balance between light and dreamy tones and a gritty, innocent sound.

Night Tide continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, offering a platform for emerging artists and seasoned creators alike. With "Lost Journey," the label showcases the rich diversity of analog-infused house music, taking you on a mesmerizing voyage through sound.

Experience the magic of "Lost Journey" on vinyl, where analog and esoteric house come together in perfect harmony.

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