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Various Artists - YUKU Sales Pack 001 3x12" I Yuku (Yukupack001)

Various Artists - YUKU Sales Pack 001 3x12" I Yuku (Yukupack001)

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Label: Yuku (YUKUPACK001)

Formats: 3x Vinyl 12"

Style: Bass

Media Condition: Near Mint (NM) I Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM)

The YUKU Sales Pack 001 offers a diverse collection of electronic music, featuring Audeka's "Leisure Lands" on greenish marbled vinyl (YUKU005) and Subp Yao's "Infra Aqual" presented on clear red and blue mixed vinyl (YUKU006). This 3x12" set is a testament to YUKU's commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound and delivering unique sonic experiences.


A1: Audeka Feat Monolog Rockstars - Leisure Lands
A2: Audeka - Robots Have Emotions
A3: Audeka - Snail Gets Armor
A4: Audeka - Until The Morning
B1: Audeka Feat Monolog Rockstars - Thought Dissolve
B2: Audeka - Grass
B3: Audeka - Batu
B4: Audeka - Found A Walking Stick
C1: Subp Yao - Chasm
C2: Subp Yao - Wax And Wane
C3: Subp Yao - Closed
C4: Subp Yao - Shimmer
D1: Subp Yao - Hush
D2: Subp Yao - One More Step
D3: Subp Yao Feat D00P - One Man
E1: Subp Yao - Reelwitu
E2: Subp Yao - Damaia
E3: Subp Yao Vs Warrior Queen - Mad And Mean
F1: Subp Yao - Trenches
F2: Subp Yao - Filter Feeder
F3: Subp Yao - Lost (Floating)

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